Polls opened today at 7am in Wisconsin for the Democratic and Republican primary.

For the Democrats, Wisconsin has 86 pledged delegates up for the taking for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. This is a very important day for both camps, but especially Bernie Sanders. With Sanders’ latest wins, especially in Nevada, he is gathering momentum and slowly chipping away at Clinton’s lead. As things stand, Clinton has 1712 delegates to Sanders’ 1,011. 2383 delegates are needed to clinch a nomination. Clinton’s lead is quite large, but she has quite a large amount of superdelegates, who don’t cast their votes until the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. What this means is that there is still time for Sanders to win more states’ primaries and for superdelegates’ allegiances to change. We’ve already seen a trend of superdelegates changing allegiances–this happened back in 2008 when Barack Obama beat Clinton to win the nomination. At this time in 2008 Obama was in the same position as Sanders. And at least one superdelegate has already said he’ll go along with his state’s wishes, and cast a vote for Bernie Sanders.   Winning Wisconsin as absolutely imperative for Sanders if he wants to keep his momentum going right now. I will post an update on the results of the primary tomorrow.

For the Republicans, the choices are down to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. Donald Trump has 737 pledged delegates, Ted Cruz next with 481, and Kasich last with 143. 1237 are needed to clinch the Republican nomination.


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