Democracy Spring-Protesters Arrested in D.C.

Yesterday in Washington, D.C. thousands of protesters gathered on the steps of the Capitol to protest peacefully against the corruption of corporate money in politics.

Aligned with this movement is the hashtag, #DemocracySpring, which yesterday had already had been used beyond 53,000 times and was trending on both Twitter and Facebook, thus giving it the only major exposure to the public, as the media in Washington DC and beyond didn’t mention the protests at all, the protests having the distinction of breaking the record of peaceful protesters arrested and put in jail, filling the jails beyond capacity with over 400 protesters.

In response to the absence of any major media outlet, protesters at the Capitol chanted “WHERE IS CNN?” –a nod to the media blackout of anything relating to progressive politics of which CNN has been a very large part. Since the beginning of this election season, CNN has parroted the Hillary Clinton line about Bernie Sanders by basically ignoring him and treating him like a unelectable candidate. The anger from the public at the treatment of Sanders has no doubt fueled these protests, which are making waves, regardless of how little the news networks would like to report on it. Bernie Sanders has changed politics in America, in my opinion, forever.

The protesters arrived at the Capitol Building after a 150 mile march from The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia (Philadelphia being the site of the Democratic National Convention where the Democratic Nominee for President will be announced in June) as part of the Democracy Spring campaign. The protesters arrived at the Capitol and engaged in a peaceful sit in, planning on staying at the Capitol for another week.

The Democracy Spring website says :says the campaign’s goal is to “demand a Congress that will take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in our politics and ensure free and fair elections in which every American has an equal voice.” Furthermore, their proposals include support of the Government by the People Act & Fair Elections Now Actthe Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015Voter Empowerment Act of 2015; and the Democracy for All Amendment. This means that the goal of these protests is to both, get corporate money out of politics AND end the electoral college system which has been the main drawback in the right candidate winning the nominations this year. I encourage you to review all the links above and visit the Democracy Spring website.

To show support for the Democracy Spring activists, many other protesters and activists took to Twitter using the #DemocracySpring hashtag, including Cenk Uygar of the Internet news outlet, the Young Turks–an excellent alternative for news these days. Uygar said:“They can arrest us today and they can arrest us tomorrow, but we’re gonna keep coming back. They can’t arrest the whole country.”

The righteousness of thr protests going on right now at the Capitol and that we’re occurring at the COP21 CONFERENCE in Paris are showing our leaders that the people have been awakened to the corruption that has gone on way too long and that now we intend to change it. The longer those in power wait to give it up, the easier we shall see through their facade and we will not hesitate to act. We need to get the corporate interests out of politics –Teddy Roosevelt said that over a hundred years ago. We need to get rid of the electoral college system, which desenfranchises voters every year. If you stand with me, please look up this story, show your support with the Democracy Spring hashtag, and sign petitions to abolish corporate money from our political system and end the electoral college.


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