Today is Day 3 of The #DemocracySpring protests and arrests are still happening on Capitol Hill. If you care about the issue of corporate money in politics or today’s extra emphasis, RACIAL JUSTICE, please TWEET or POST ON FACEBOOK, using the hashtag #DemocracySpring to keep it trending and show the people AND the Powers that be that it’s not going away and that the Political Revolution is here to stay.

The protesters are out again, protesting and demanding an end to corporate money in politics. This basically amounts to a protest, demanding an end to Citizens United. Most of the arrests were without struggle–many protesters, as they were being led away, were singing “This Land is Your Land”. If you don’t know the song, look it up here: (

What is Citizens United? Well, that depends on who you ask, because those who would seek to control certain things through the use of a certain organization would be loath to tell the whole truth about it. According to the organization itself, its mission “is to restore the United States government to “citizens’ control,” seeking to “reassert the traditional American values of limited government, freedom of enterprise, strong families, and national sovereignty and security.”[1] To fulfill this mission, Citizens United produces television commercials, web advertisements, and documentary films. In addition to this, Citizens United is known for supporting conservatives in politics. The most important thing to note about the whole Citizens United debacle (both the organization and the legal case that made the changes in politics occur so rapidly) is that The Supreme Court ruled that corporations were not barred from paying for political advertisements made independent of candidate campaigns. Basically removing the shackles of the immense spending power of corporations and setting them loose on the political arena. This miscarriage of justice led to the most changes in the political arena that we have seen. Let us be clear…it is still illegal for corporations to publicly give money to political campaigns, but the lax rules that exist make it extremely difficult to catch corporations in the act of giving money to political campaigns if they were to look. A recent study found that in 2014, outside spending on political campaigns doubled to 486 million dollars. “The premise that the Supreme Court was relying on, that these groups would be truly independent of the candidates themselves, is very questionable,”says Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, one of three Democrats on the six-member Federal Election Commission. IF YOU WISH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW CITIZENS UNITED HAS CHANGED POLITICS, PLEASE LOOK HERE AND DO RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN: (

Day 3 of the Democracy Spring protests also have an added focus on racial issues and equality. Ever since Ferguson, Missouri, there has been an added racial tension to our country. Police brutality and killings of minorities have not stopped and have gone largely unpunished. But it goes beyond race, however, because race is only one slice of the inequality pie in America. Low income families and minority  families are often the same thing in America, and that is also what the protesters are speaking out about. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer–this is only getting more and more obvious as the status quo of TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS starves the lower classes. Senator Bernie Sanders has already pointed out this fact, noting that regrowing the middle class is one of his biggest aims. “Rich people are the source of poverty and oppression of black people” said one of the protesters at the sit-in, further remarking that Democracy is the key to dismantling white supremacy in America. Democracy Spring protesters at the sit-in chanted, “MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. RACIAL JUSTIC NOW.”

Yesterday, DAY 2 of the #DemocracySpring protests, scores of elderly Americans were detained for protesting Citizens United and corporate money in politics. One elderly woman answered, when asked if she had ever been arrested before: “No, but I’m planning on it today.” Shortly after answering the question, she was arrested. The DemocracySpring website reads “As ‘elders’ we have a moral imperative to care for and speak for future generations…We aim to use our wisdom and life experience to guide our actions, and stand together to create our legacy and reclaim our democracy…Every voice is needed to speak up and say what we know is true – that a thriving and just democracy is the path towards a sustainable world for all children, for all life.” We have ignored the words and the thoughts and the input of our elders for too long, especially in this country. When an individual in America gets old, they are seen as having anything else to offer. Their looks, their work productivity leave them (usually) and they are left to rot in some nursing home or something of the like because their family no longer has the time to care for them. We forget that they are the last, oldest, and most reliable link to the past. They remember how things were then…much the same way they remember how things were when Franklin Roosevelt practically saved the country with his Democratic Socialism. Our elders are our guides to the future, because they know our past. It’s plain as day to them what’s going on. If we don’t heed their words, we are without a guide or a map as to how to proceed. Because we do not trust our instincts, and so much conjecture swirls around what is to be done and what is going on.

READER, if you are interested in seeing how our information is manipulated, please look up the book, Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky. He’s been a constant watcher for decades and knows how the powers that be use their power and influence to pull the wool over our eyes. Seek out the information and seek more.

UPDATE: TOMORROW APRIL THE 14, 2016 WILL BE LABOR SOLIDARITY DAY in addition to protesting corporate money in politics. 40,000 Verizon workers have walked off the job, in protest of the “WE NEED TO MAKE MORE MONEY SO YOU NEED TO MAKE LESS” motto of corporate business. Bernie Sanders is marching with those Verizon workers and stands with them, and so do I.

PLEASE TWEET OR FACEBOOK POST OR TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS MOVEMENT. USE THE HASHTAG #DemocracySpring and keep it trending. Thank you guys for lending your ears and eyes t0 what we have to say.

Keep your eyes peeled.



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