Today is Day 4 of the Democracy Spring protests in Washington DC and the arrests are still continuing. 100 more protesters have been arrested. The focus today of the protests was Labor Solidarity Day, showing support for workers with issues like the $15 an hour minimum wage. Today is a perfect day for Labor Solidarity, as 40,000 Verizon workers just walked off the job owing to unlivable wages. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stood on the picket line in support of the workers and even gave a speech about the nearly omnipresent corporate greed in America and said that the Verizon employees were engaged in a very important fight against that greed. (

The Labor Solidarity movement is important because of how much pressure has been put on driving unions out of the American economy. It’s basically become a borderline conspiracy to the point where our politicians and leaders are representing the corporate interests and taking power away from the workers. No matter what anyone says, unions GIVE WORKERS THEIR POWER. It’s like we’ve gone along for such a long time with unions that people forgot what things were like when unions didn’t exist. Awful hours and awful pay at the exploitative expense of the workers. Unsafe conditions and no protection for workers state of employment. This is what happened BEFORE unions came along. We’ve forgotten this, it seems. Unions lost 400,000 members last year, according to the Department of Labor. 14.4 million people are in unions at this point, and though this sounds high, this number and percentage of people in Unions is at the lowest it’s been since the 1930s in the Great Depression. As the labor unions have declined, professional corporate managers have formed increasingly powerful guilds of their own. They belong to elite groups, such as the Business Roundtable or the Trilateral Commission, to name a couple. Many are even having a little cabal in Davos, Switzerland this week. What? You thought that was about improving the world? This is how they end up on each other’s boards, approving each others’ compensation packages. Please remember these facts the next time someone tells you that unions hurt the economy. Yes they slow the growth of companies, but they also provide security for the people whose lives depend on those companies.


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