What Kind of Candidate America Needs

As I’ve already said on my blog, I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. Out of all the candidates this year, I believe that Sanders has the right idea about where this country needs to go. However, I don’t think that his message is going far enough. And what do I mean by that? I mean that there are certain stances I believe a Presidential Candidate needs to hold in our changing world.

First off, America doesn’t just need a Progressive candidate. America needs a PEACE candidate. A Peace candidate for President would state that not only would America not enter into another war, but that it would also close down its bases across the world, scale down its military spending, and work with other countries toward nuclear disarmament. The world looks to America to set the trends of the coming world, and it is my belief that our humanitarian evolution will not occur while the most influential country in the world seeks to secure it’s empire and maintain a near monopoly on the stores of nuclear and other sorts of weapons.

The Peace candidate should also be willing to heal the wounds this country has created with its wars and expansion of power. He or she should be willing to apologize to various nations, including Japan for the nuclear bomb attack on its two cities in World War 2, Iraq and Afghanistan for the invasion of those countries’ borders under less than truthful circumstances. Not to mention, the Peace candidate should be willing to apologize to the Native American population for the genocide perpetrated by the American government that resulted in around 95 percent of the Native American population being exterminated using various means. The Peace candidate will accept that a legacy of violence only incites more and that to truly begin healing the wounds made by war and violence, an era of peace and understanding and compassion must be underway.

People in the Western world, but more specifically in America, mistake being a strong leader with someone who is willing to start a war or just wantonly bomb a country like Bill Clinton did when he was in office. Let me be clear. THAT IS NOT A STRONG LEADER. That is a dictator. A strong leader is someone who understands the dynamics involved in leading. A strong leader is someone who has the judgment necessary to tell the difference between the effects of violence and the effects of peace. A strong leader is someone who is brave enough to take a risk in believing that the rest of the world will be willing to work with an influential country that believes in peace.


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