USA S.o.S Visits Hiroshima, Calls for Peace — USA Ramps up Nuclear Arsenal

The United States has a problem. Well, a few problems. The one I’m going to talk about here is the problem of HYPOCRISY. Simply stated, the USA has a problem of going around and telling other countries that they can’t do certain things–and while it goes around doing this, usually with one or two hands behind its back, it launches its own campaign to do basically what it told the other countries not to do. Lately, one of the biggest issues that the USA has been showing a lot of hypocrisy concerning is the issue of Nuclear disarmament. This past year or so, one of President Obama’s major political victories was his success in convincing Iran to slow down its pursuit of nuclear arms, getting Iran to drastically reduce its number of centrifuges, thereby limiting their capacity for nuclear weapons development. We have felt this way about other countries and their nuclear capabilities (or developing those capabilities) as well. North Korea and Iraq (WMDs anyone? Though the actual existence of these can’t actually be verified) are a couple of recent countries that come to mind when discussing America’s reticence about other countries’ nuclear capabilities. The reason why I’m writing this is to bring to light a little known occurrence that happened this past week while John Kerry, the US Secretary of State visited Hiroshima, the site of one of two nuclear detonations that the UNITED STATES was responsible for at the end of the Second World War.

Though many countries have nuclear arms, the United States is the only country to actually drop a nuke on another country. John Kerry is the first Secretary of State to visit Hiroshima and, glaringly missing was the absence of an apology that is still being delayed–actually ignored is a better word for it–on behalf of the United States. Foregoing an apology, John Kerry continued on with his message that he had intended to deliver on behalf of the United States, which was, namely a call for “a world free of nuclear weapons.” It’s such a curious thing, however, in my opinion, and quite stupid to announce a call for nuclear disarmament in JAPAN, of all places. Japan knows how terrible nuclear arms are. Hundreds of thousands of people died in just a few seconds when the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan has created an anti-nuclear weapons museum to raise awareness of the carnage and devastation that a nuclear attack brings. Such a selfish and sanctimonious speech from a USA official (especially given from Japan) should have been met by the international community with more scorn than it was. But not only because of where it was delivered from.

Though America calls for nuclear disarmament, it shows its hypocrisy in its own steps its been taking toward nuclear disarmament. Oh, did I say steps “toward”–I meant the opposite of that. Despite Kerry’s remarks, the Obama administration has been quietly upgrading its nuclear arsenal to create smaller, more precise nuclear bombs that will cost upwards of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS OVER THREE DECADES. (PLEASE READ THIS REPORT HERE: ) And this from the President who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?! Excuse me, but fuck that. Fuck the hypocrisy, fuck nukes, fuck dishonesty, fuck polluting our planet with the thirst and pursuit of more and more power and money and influence. It’s nothing more than the worst, most diabolical and damaging form of hoarding. Instead of old newspapers and cookbooks, the UNITED STATES IS HOARDING POWER. All for no distinct purpose and aim and purpose than to simply have it. What are we going to do once we have more (I don’t say “enough” because obviously it’s NEVER going to be enough).

John Kerry said in his speech: “Going through this museum was a reminder of the depth of obligation that every single one of us in public life carries, in fact, every person in position of responsibility carries, to work for peace, to continue the efforts that President Obama and other leaders came together to talk about in Washington a few days at the Nuclear Security Summit, to create and pursue a world free from nuclear weapons.”

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? But that all was just more talking out of one side of the mouth and dealing in the exact opposite. The UNITED STATES does not want peace, it wants things done its way PEACEFULLY…if possible. If not I’m sure we’ll try to manipulate in whatever way we can–stage a coup, another public lie about WMDs, maybe even drop another bomb–hell, we’re stockpiling them now. What for some reason this country’s leaders don’t understand is that when you have your bombs finally, the question arises of how you are going to keep them safe and from going off–and more importantly, how are you going to keep the people you’re responsible safe from them!? We have the most disastrous forms of weaponry littered all over our country, with no plan as to how to get rid of them if they’re never used. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY AMERICA NEEDS A PEACE CANDIDATE–someone who has the wisdom and the balls to say when enough is enough. To say that we need a different way. A different philosophy. To say that we are being irresponsible, cowardly, and hypocritical. I’m sick and tired of watching the country I live in puff itself up and talk about how great it is while slinging shit onto every value it claims to hold.

America needs to grow up. We need to realize that in order to play on the playground, one need not be the bully. And as it’s been said, we cannot preach nuclear abstinence from the highest stool in the bar. America should have come to Hiroshima with a firm, concrete plan for how it is going to get rid of its nuclear weapons. America’s new nuclear plan is LITERALLY to upgrade every single part of its nuclear stockpile. That is not what I voted for in 2008. I voted for CHANGE in 2008–real, sustainable, measurable change. Not more of the same philosophy under a new umbrella. The weapons Obama is planning on developing with this plan are beyond nuclear weapons. They are weapons designed to hug the coast of a country and evade radar, thus showing up when it’s too late on radar as a surprise attack–this is not nuclear deterrence and this is not a nuclear attack that is being planned. This is the set up for potentially a literal NUCLEAR WAR. This plan is like the blind man and the elephant…it’s so much larger than what we have our hands on, and we need to acknowledge this fact before it’s too late.

Next month on May 2nd, there is going to be a gathering of nations at the UN in Geneva to discuss the problem of nuclear proliferation, the legal obligations of nuclear disarmament and how to go about it. AND THE UNITED STATES IS BOYCOTTING THIS GATHERING. Why? Because American doesn’t believe that these discussions are useful or productive–but they are obviously the most important discussions on the planet. It’s time America stopped doing so much Double Talking and made use of the vast reach and range of its technology for other countries rather than itself.


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