New York Primary Called in Favor of Hillary–Election Officials Call “Foul.”

Ever since the beginning of the Democratic New York primary, even before the day of the polls opening, we were expecting difficulties with voters being able to cast their ballots. A week before the primary, reports came rolling in of Independents and Democrats alike who were finding out that the record of their registrations had been lost. The irregularities reached even higher on the day of the primary as hundreds of thousands of voters were turned away from the polling place for various reasons. Most of these voters came from parts of New York where Bernie Sanders was polling better than Hillary Clinton–namely in Brooklyn and the more rural areas of New York state. Around 5pm, the New York primary was called in favor of Hillary Clinton. All told, reports are that as many as 3 MILLION VOTERS WERE DISENFRANCHISED EN ROUTE TO CLINTON’S WIN IN NEW YORK.

The Bernie Sanders campaign called the reports of voting irregularities a “disgrace” as local officials rushed to condemn the city Bord of Elections for stripping more than 125,000 DEMOCRATS FROM THE ROLLS. “It is absurd that in Brooklyn, New York — where I was born, actually — tens of thousands of people as I understand it, have been purged from the voting rolls”–Sanders said this during an evening rally at Penn State University.

ELECTION JUSTICE USA, an organization for voter rights, told reporters that it would go to Federal District Court in Brooklyn on Wednesday morning as part of an effort to have provisional ballots from voters disenfranchised by the Board of Elections counted before the primary results are certified. Basically this means that the results will not be final until AT LEAST the provisional ballots from the Primary can be counted. Earlier on Tuesday a federal judge denied a restraining order which would have helped voters vote who had claimed to have been unlawfully listed as Republican or unaffiliated–there were apparently a great number of these instances occurring. At Brooklyn Borough Hall, the polling site coordinator reported that approximately 10 percent of the voters at his polling place were turned away.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio said: “It has been reported to us from voters and voting rights monitors that the voting lists in Brooklyn contain numerous errors, including the purging of entire buildings and blocks of voters from the voting lists…reverse that purge…The perception that numerous voters may have been disenfranchised undermines the integrity of the entire electoral process and must be fixed.” Mayor de Blasio is a Hillary Clinton supporter and even he sees the dirty politics at work in this situation.

The Board of Elections Executive Director denied that there were irregularities–at least not out of line with the normal irregularities seen during elections. However, it’s been reported that the New York voter complaint hotline had received over 700 calls before 4pm, whereas in 2012, it had received less than 150 for the whole day of the primary.

Plainly speaking, this is fucking bullshit. The people are being disenfranchised, taken advantage of by those in power. The Democrats are afraid of losing the status quo, where they can parrot and give lip service to the values they claim to uphold while lining their own pockets with money from corporations and back room dealings. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, and he’s not acting like one, and that is why the Democrats are after him. Hillary Clinton is obviously another bought and paid for candidate–a flip flopping liar who is ready to cast her vote and throw her weight into the next war, the next political game to play, the next back room deal to make in order to make her friends and herself even more money. Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about the people electing her–she cares about the people who are paying for her campaign. The Democratic Party is doing all it can to make sure that the special interests in America remain special while the people of America foot the bill for it. As long as there is big money in politics, the only ones who will be served is the big money.

I am so fucking angry about this election, but this primary in particular. Blatant voter disenfranchisement, lying, and manipulating of the electoral system is going on and nothing seems to have changed. Are there seriously people out there who don’t see that as the stakes are heightening and the hour gets later and the more momentum Sanders gets, the more problems there are with people casting their votes?! Is there not enough noise being made to scare these people in their seats of power into doing what is right? What is it going to take to ensure that the right person is elected? An act of God?  Hopefully by the time the dust settles on this issue, the state will be called for  Bernie Sanders like what occurred in Missouri and Nevada. I have to be honest: I pray for the result of this election a lot. Like, a lot more than I’ve ever prayed for anything in my life. I call people for Bernie, I call the delegates and super delegates pledged to Hillary to try and get them to change their minds. I’m angry. And I’m scared. Sometimes I’m more scared than angry, honestly. Hillary Clinton is a felon and a war criminal. A war monger and a corporate puppet. She supports fracking and further damage to the environment. She doesn’t believe in bringing people together. Her latest speech on the state of Israel-Palestinian relations shows that much–her game and her world function on the very basic idea of dividing people rather than uniting them.

If you do anything in response to this, please call your local delegates, the super delegates in your state, sign petitions, share articles about Bernie Sanders or the political race. Sign petitions increasing voter rights and voter access. Google “how can i make a difference in this election” and do what the results say for God’s sake. MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE. WAKE UP. THIS IS FUCKING IMPORTANT.

Thank you for your time.




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