Why I’m A Part of #BernieOrBust

Some voters and other politically informed people seem to be operating the delusion that what is important is that the Democratic Party win over the Republican Party. This is a delusion not because the Democratic Party isn’t better for the country than the Republican Party–the reason this is a delusion is because the operating logic behind this idea is that we should support whichever candidate wins the nomination of the Democratic Party IN ORDER to be sure that the Democratic Party wins over the Republican Party. I’m quite obviously referring to the developing situation between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The common wisdom behind this situation is this: if Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton should throw her support behind him and get the whole party on that level–on the flip side, Bernie Sanders is expected to throw his support behind Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic nomination for the same reason–the Democrats want to be at full strength in the months leading up to the general election. I say that this conventional wisdom is at the heart of the cancer of party politics in America.

First and foremost, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He is an Independent candidate seeking the Democratic nomination in order to get the Democrats to acknowledge the necessity of a new political philosophy for a developing, maturing America. This fact is a reflection of the difference between Bernie Sanders as a candidate and Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders’ ideas and philosophy are fresh, progressive, and insightful–and what’s more, they are devoid of the pandering and backward-looking Neo-Liberal policies of Hillary Clinton. Let me remind you: Hillary Clinton was against Gay Marriage at one time; she was against the 15 dollar minimum wage; she supports fracking; she says she supports breaking up the big banks and yet takes their money to give speeches and yet refuses to tell us what she told them; she does not support the #BlackLivesMatter movement; every major progressive campaign promise or statement that Hillary has made recently have all been in an attempt to parrot Bernie Sanders’ message in order to gain followers and support. The most progressive thing she ever did was more than 15 years ago and that was her push to get UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE for everyone in America–and let us not forget who worked side by side with her on that issue all those years ago…Bernie Sanders. Let me say this clearly: we do not need a Democratic candidate to win the election–WE NEED THE CORRECT CANDIDATE TO WIN THE ELECTION. To say that we need to support whatever candidate gets the nod from the Democrats is to value party affiliation and POWER over the candidate with the right experience, the right attitude, and the right ideas on how to run the country. Our country and its political process has been glutted and slowed for far too long BY THIS EXACT SAME MENTALITY, that somehow the best way to get things done is for us to bunch up into two warring, completely uncooperative parties and sling as much mud as possible to see who ends up looking less dirty and to use that as the benchmark for electing our representatives. It’s complete bullshit and until we as a people realize this, we will always be the ones who lose and the politicians will be the ones who win.


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