Independents Will Win This Election

Donald Trump is the nominee for the Republican Party. That is all but decided at this point. So now what is to be done with this information? The simple answer to this is that we nominate Bernie Sanders as the Democratic presidential candidate.

In all the polls having to do with a general election, we see that Hillary Clinton wins against a Donald Trump candidacy by a margin of about 4 points. On the other hand, a Bernie Sanders candidacy wins against a Trump candidacy, by about 7 points. However, many opinions are that Trump will end up winning against Clinton. Why is this? One reason I would give for this is because the primaries have given us a distorted view of the political playing field. And this is basically because in CLOSED primaries, where independents are not allowed to vote, Hillary Clinton wins those primaries and has won them. On the other hand, in OPEN primaries, when independents are allowed to vote, Bernie Sanders wins and has won. This fact is essential to understanding how a BERNIE SANDERS CANDIDACY WILL BEAT DONALD TRUMP. The vast majority of the voting public this time around is Independent. Each time a CLOSED PRIMARY happens, the voice of the middle ground, the Independent is silenced. The vast majority of the voting public is tired of the 2 party system and is tired of the status quo. In a general election, the Independents will have their voice heard–and by this point, there are far too many voters who have seen through the facade of Hillary Clinton to assume that she will carry the vote in the general election. If the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE does not nominate Bernie Sanders, the Independents will not turn out. They will see this as another instance where the status quo has triumphed and the last chance for real, working Democracy this season will be silenced and will lose. In a general election where it’s BERNIE SANDERS VS DONALD TRUMP, the Democratic establishment, as well as the Independents of America, will be behind Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has been an Independent all his life, and a champion of civil rights and is aware of the risks of allowing our political establishment to continue business as usual. Additionally, as much as Sanders has gone after Clinton so far, I feel like Trump would have a field day with the accusations of treason leveled against Clinton, in addition to the amount of Super PAC money she takes and how much of an establishment candidate she is–Trump is self financed and will make a big noise on that topic. I honestly feel that the only chance to avoid a total disaster this voting season is to nominate Bernie Sanders.

Recently, it has also come to light that Hillary Clinton has also been courting the supporters of Jeb Bush and Jeb Bush himself for more money to fund her campaign. In what world does this make sense? Hillary Clinton is already a barely left leaning Democrat–she has been pushed into changing her campaign rhetoric by the incredibly popular Sanders campaign, basically becoming a candidate who parrots Sanders’ progressive policies, but with no guarantee that she will follow through on these things once she’s in office. 15 dollar minimum wage, breaking up the big banks, and other campaign talking points were adopted by Clinton after Sanders had the idea. But now Clinton is actually courting Neo Conservative supporters in the hopes of gaining more monetary momentum in order to beat Sanders. Are we stupid? Does Clinton think that we are a group of dupes who don’t see the strings that are being tied by the minute to Clinton’s person that will serve to hamstring her and make her beholden to the powers that gave her the money to run her campaign? We can’t trust a thing Clinton says because she is not funded by the people–Sanders is funded by the people and thus given authority to act in the peoples’ interests. Which consequentially means that Clinton’s money is corporate, which means that she (if elected) will be given the authority to act in the interest of those parties, not the people themselves, thus continuing the bullshit political climate we’ve been saddled with for DECADES.

Please, if you have the means, donate to Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Talk to your friends about Bernie Sanders. Be the downer who has the conscience and good sense to address the issues that affect all of us, whether or not people would like to believe it. Post about Bernie Sanders on your Facebook…go to family reunions, class reunions, talk to your pizza delivery man for God’s sake. Now that we know that Trump is who the Republicans will have representing them, it’s even more important to READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL. It’s there, whether we want to read it or not. Facts do not cease to be facts if you decide to ignore them.

Be an independent. The voice of the people matters.



4 thoughts on “Independents Will Win This Election

  1. “In all the polls having to do with a general election, we see that Hillary Clinton loses against a Donald Trump candidacy. By at least a few percentage points, she loses to the Trumpinator.”

    Really? While it is true Sanders polls better against Trump than HRC, she still wins in every poll except Rasmussen (where Trump wins by 2), by an average of 7 points:

    I do prefer Sanders, but I’m not going to sweat it if Clinton is the nominee.


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