Maine Democratic Party Abolishes Superdelegates

The first precedent has been set on the road to eliminating Superdelegates, one of the many pieces of the poisonous election system in the United States. The Maine Democratic Party has just overwhemingly passed an amendment at the statewide contention eliminating the autonomous influence of superdelegates.

Representative Diane Russell said that the amendment was adopted by a single voice vote (meaning an “aye” or “nay” vocal vote by the people in response to an amendment) followed by chants of “Ber-nie! Ber-nie!” Ber-nie!” Russell said she never expected that kind of a reaction.

The adoption of the amendment means that Maine’s superdelegate votes will now be allocated proportionally according to the overall popular vote, rather than each superdelegate having complete autonomy. Which is to say that the superdelegates no longer get to choose or be influenced by any factor other than the amount of votes–i.e. no more of the people’s voice being disregarded.

The incredible thing is that this amendment does not stop at the state level. Now that the amendment has been adopted in Maine, the Main Democratic Party will petition the Democratic National Committee members to get rid of the superdelegate system altogether AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL. Unfortunately, the amendment is nonbinding for the 2016 election, but will take effect in 2020 and every year after. There was much debate about making it effective for the 2016 election, but Russell had written the amendment with 2020 in mind. It is, however, her ultimate goal to do away with the delegate system entirely and decide the election by popular vote.

This is such an amazing development that I’m not sure how to overstate it. The delegate and superdelegate system was created to keep power with the politicians, as a final trump card against the will of the people. Bernie Sanders is primarily responsible for changing the conversation of politics in the United States. He is the face of the thing, but we, the public and the people are the driving force behind it, the voice that raises the volume and focuses the attention on the real issues. It does not stop with Bernie Sanders, regardless of a win or a loss–we are the future, especially young voters. We will never accept being talked down to or told to respect our elders. Our elders put us where we are, and now the oldest current candidate is showing us the way, and that the revolution starts with ALL of us–Bernie Sanders saw the beginning of the system we live in and has fought his whole life against it. We need to do the same. It might be hard and it might be stressful, and take up a lot of time and energy, but what we’re deciding right now is the future. We need to look forward, not to our children, or to our children’s children to make the right decisions, but to the next seven generations.

Make the movement move.



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