Bernie Sanders Draws 20K Plus in Sacramento, Media Is Silent

In contradiction to the mainstream media’s assertion that Bernie Sanders’ candidacy is all but over, over 20,000 people flocked to a rally on Monday May 9, to support Bernie Sanders and see him speak at Bonney Field in Sacramento, California.

Supporters waited in line for four hours yesterday to see the Seanator from Vermont speak–some even longer than that. Though the mainstream media was completely silent about the Sacramento rally (all except for the local Sacramento news station), various alternative news sources including Our Voice Media and were there to document and report on what was going on. In addition to the alternative news sources, countless tweets and posts on social media were made to document and inform the rest of the world about what was taking place while the mainstream media sat silent and elected not to report on the movement. Pictures, videos, and various hashtags were used by the public to report on the happenings in Sacramento. While an estimated 20,000 people got into the stadium to see Sanders speak, an estimated additional 10,000 did not end up getting into the venue, as it had reached capacity–bringing the total attendance of the Bernie rally to a grand 30,000 people.

In recent weeks, ever since the New York primary debacle, California has become the state where Bernie’s last stand in the primaries seems to be focused. The state with the most delegates to offer, and the one state that could offer Bernie the chance to turn it all around, California will be seeing major focus from both Democratic candidates. Bernie’s initial showing in Sacramento has definitely given Hillary Clinton something to be worried about. While the media blacks Sanders out, his supporters seem to be only increasing in excitement and solidarity–pictures from the Bernie rally have upended the stereotypical white, male Bernie supporter, the”Bernie Bro” that the media has recently made much of and instead given a picture of a very unified and diverse crowd, with supporters of all different ethnicities coming out to lend their voices in supporting their candidate.

Bernie seems to be the candidate trying to bring us all together. Though political rhetoric may cause rifts and harsh words and judgment, Bernie is the candidate telling us all that we can work together to effect real, sweeping change. His platform of Us Not Me is indicative of that attitude. Hillary Clinton should be worried, and so should the political establishment of the United States. Those entrenched interests are now in trouble and will soon be on their way out, because regardless of a win or a loss in the Bernie camp, the Bern has had its effect, and the people are waking up to the fact that they have the power and that change is not far around the corner.


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