Music for the Conscious and the Conscience: Nahko and Medicine for the People

So, this won’t be a regular thing on my blog, but today I want to post about a musical act that is making very important, prescient, and powerful music about the times that we’re living in. The band is called Nahko and Medicine for the People and their music has inspired me to be more conscious about the way that I’m living, to be more aware of the energy that I’m putting out into the world, and be more involved in the political process of where I’m living.

Nahko and Medicine for the People has music about personal issues, but also about the plain truth about the way that our country (and others) have committed genocide, rape, and murder in order to gain access to these lands and have continued to oppress various people all to attain some illusory goal of “Progress” and to spread this Progress as far as the eye can see. The band talks about spiritual awakenings and consciousness as well, mentioning reincarnation and spirit animals and how our relationships to our parents and grandparents are sacred and have the capacity to teach us more about life than we think they do, especially in today’s society where old people are seen as a burden instead of honored as they should be.

Nahko and Medicine for the People is a music about respect: respect for the Earth, respect for oneself, respect for the other, respect for your elders and respect for your brothers. It’s an awakened sensibility that has the capacity to awaken others, simply through the act of listening. The style that it’s in is very much like jam band music, but also peppered with influences from bluegrass, reggae, ska, and folk music. The arrangement is guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, violin, and various other instruments at certain points. Each band member has a different ethnicity, so in that way it’s very much a world music sensibility being put into the music as well. A music seeing us all as one world, one people, one love. I very much hope you check them out.  LINKS BELOW


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