Voter Fraud in Nevada Democratic Convention

Nevada caucuses have three tiers–the first one showed the results in favor of Hillary (amid many cries of voter fraud). The second tier flipped the results to favor a Bernie Sanders victory. And then we enter the craziness that occurred in the third tier, the Nevada Democratic Convention.

The first tier on February 20th, 20 percent of the voters at the original caucus were missing valid ballots. Which meant that 20 percent of the delegates were up for grabs, meaning Hillary did not legitimately win the first round of caucuses, a fact that many are still leaving out.

Before the 3rd tier vote, because of the Bernie-flipping result, the Nevada Democratic Party knew that the result would most likely go to Bernie. So they changed the rules last minute. The Party changed the Nevada rules so that Nevada’s votes would be awarded to the winner of the February 20th vote (Hillary.) However, the Party also knew that educated people would make motions at the convention to object to this rule and that the motions would most likely pass…so THEY ALSO CHANGED THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY RULES SO THAT ALL VOTES ON THE FLOOR OF THE CONVENTION COULD ONLY BE DECIDED BY A VOICE VOTE (i.e. “All in favor say “aye”.) and that the results of the vote would only be decided by the Nevada Democratic Party chair Roberta Lange, and that her vote would be FINAL.

The day of the 3rd tier vote, the first item on the agenda was for those TEMPORARY RULES mentioned above to pass. It was done with a paper ballot, but was also conducted 30 minutes early, before the voting was actually to begin–Clinton supporters who may or may not have known that this would take place vastly outweighed the others who showed up early. The vote passed. NEXT, A MOTION TO HAVE A RE-VOTE OF THE TEMPORARY RULES WAS DEMANDED BY CITIZENS. INSTEAD, ROBERTA LANGE HELDS A VOICE VOTE THAT THE TEMPORARY RULES WOULD STAY. Resounding NAYS overwhelmed the AYES, but Lange ruled that the vote passed and the temporary rules stayed. Video footage of that here:

After that, 64 Sanders delegates were ejected from the convention because “they didn’t have the proper credentials”even though they did. They weren’t allowed to prove that they were credentialed. Most of these delegates were Sanders supporters–in the end, Hillary won by 30  votes.

BY THE RULE CHANGE and delegate suppression there is a change of 8 net delegates. Instead of Bernie winning by 19-16, the result is 20-15 Clinton now.

Taking all of this into account, it’s not too surprising that there have been massive outcries–some appropriate, some not, about everything from the Nevada Democratic Party to Roberta Lange. Some death threats and misogynistic remarks peppered the Internet immediately following the chaos caused by the Nevada Democratic Convention. The media has portrayed Bernie Sanders as being “belligerent” in his remarks in response to the reactions of his supporters, but at the same time only providing a snippet of what his full response was. Different article headings include saying that Sanders refuses to apologize or that his statement was weak. Suspiciously, the full Sanders statement is very hard to find on the Internet. A half hour search from me yielded nothing but these lines from Sanders: “Our campaign of course believes in non-violent change and it goes without saying that I condemn any and all forms of violence, including the personal harassment of individuals.” And then of course after these lines only a parroted line about how Sanders went on to explain his followers’ reasons rather than stopping there, saying that Sanders is defending his supporters, the ones who issued threats included. However, as we have all seen, the media has a script to repeat, and honestly, I’m glad that Sanders did not apologize for this supporters and what they did. He has condemned it and that’s enough–it’s up to the supporters to apologize for what they did. The fact is that the democratic process has failed to work yet again. It has failed time and time again–one instance worth mentioning is the way the election was stolen from Al Gore in year 2000, when George W. Bush was declared the winner by FOX News. How difficult would things have turned out if the people had risen up and ensured a Gore presidency? Such wonderings might not hold much power, but I for one have had enough of the voice of the people being silenced again and again, referendum’ed on and dispatched and manipulated and poisoned. Of course all those people in the newspapers and on TV decry Sanders and his supporters for being loud and passionate. The violent feelings and emotions are a very regrettable, slightly frightening side effect of the way that our country is fucking over the people. Plain and simple. And of course this is scaring the people in power, especially when the person the people want to lead them is refusing to play their game–he sees how close the people are to succeeding and he would rather have the establishment know how very pissed off the people are, rather than placating the situation. Bernie Sanders is not a coward. He is not looking to get elected–he is not looking for popularity and a sound bite and being a person within the system. He is a person seeking real change. He is a political revolutionary AND THAT IS WHY THE ESTABLISHMENT IS WORKING SO HARD TO BRING HIM DOWN. People on the Internet talking is merely a reflection of what people have been talking about in their living rooms regarding politics for ages. Now it’s simply being brought out into the open. Are candidates supposed to apologize and be accountable for what their supporters are thinking and saying in the privacy of their own homes? I feel like people may begin to draw comparisons between Donald Trump’s supporters and Bernie Sanders’–while on the surface it may be an apt comparison, I say that the differences, and they are key, between the two groups, is that first of all, the rage from the Trump camp is being directed to groups of people that are minorities and marginalized–Mexicans and Muslims; the rage of the Sanders supporters is being directed at the instruments of power keeping the establishment and the status quo the way they are. Roberta Lange being singled out was because she did the dirty work of the Party–though this is not excusable, if it had been a white male in her position, rage still would have been directed at the agent of the disenfranchisement. Second, Donald Trump has made statements plainly stating that he wouldn’t be surprise if riots happened if he wasn’t elected. Bernie Sanders has always advocated peace and the voice of the people–what the media has portrayed as Bernie Sanders being an apologist to his supporters making death threats was to explain the situation–he condemned them as a politician should, but also went the extra mile to explain the plain fact–that if tampering hadn’t occurred at the convention, this situation wouldn’t have happend. The oppressors do not have the luxury of outrage against those they’re oppressing. Plain and simple.

I sincerely hope that Bernie Sanders wins the election. I love this country and I believe that the only way to make it the way it never was before is to elect Bernie Sanders. We had a chance at greatness a few times. I hope we get another one soon.

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